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Zhengzhou Renhui Medical equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development of therapeutic medical equipment in the field of reproductive medicine since its establishment. The company has 130 employees and more than 27 employees have masters or doctors’ degree. After years of development, it has won more than 19 honors and 43 patents, and has grown into a national high-tech enterprise, the only supplier of therapeutic medical equipment in reproductive medicine in the world. 


The company adheres to the concept of "benevolence to benefit all sentient beings in the world"; to "pour benevolence" into the cause of reproductive medicine, so that patients with reproductive diseases can "regain hope" mission, recreate happy families and harmonious society. The "permanent magnet rotating vibration therapy instrument", which is a gynecological product on the market, fills in the blank of "inflammatory tubal obstruction sterility" in the world, and the cure rate is 46.7%. The curative effect of "magnetic vibration magnetoelectric therapeutic instrument" in the treatment of chronic prostatitis has made a great breakthrough, with an effective rate of 83.75%. The clinical trial has been extended to study the symptoms of azoospermia. The clinical trial is progressing smoothly, and the curative effect is accurate. After listing, it will have a positive and far-reaching impact on the field of male reproductive medicine. Since the launch of gynecological and male products, more than 2000 medical units have been installed and used in China and have been adopted by the Reproductive Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, China Society of traditional Chinese Medicine Reproductive Medicine Branch, China Maternal and Child Health Association Reproductive Medicine Branch, The Asian Men's Association has unanimously recommended therapeutic products and exported them to Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia and other countries, which has been highly praised by experts and professors in the reproductive medicine industry all over the world and has achieved obvious social significance and economic benefits.



27 Master /

Doctoral Degrees





More than 2000

medical units in use.


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