I. purpose

In order to strengthen the standardized management of staff training and improve the overall quality of the company's staff, this management method is formulated in combination with the structure and operation characteristics of our company's staff.

II. Scope of application

The measures are applicable to all employees of the company. All employees who sign labor contract with the company, no matter new employees or on-the-job employees, are the trainees.

III. types of training

Including pre job training, on-the-job training and professional training

A. pre job training: provide pre job training for new employees and transferred employees to make them master necessary post knowledge and skills.

B. on the job training: according to the expansion of the company's scale and the change of technology and environment, on-the-job employees at all levels shall be trained to update their knowledge and skills.

C. professional training: training the company's existing professional and technical personnel and middle and senior management personnel to improve their professional skills and management ability.

IV. training methods

It mainly includes the following methods:

A. the company organizes and employs external experts, scholars or internal professional technical management personnel to hold special knowledge lectures;

B. employees use their spare time to participate in professional title or academic education;

C. according to the needs of business development, the company has plans to send employees to participate in various professional skills training courses;

B. select business backbones or management cadres above the middle level to visit, study, investigate and train abroad in a planned way.

V. training plan and Implementation

1. Pre job training for new employees

The newly recruited personnel can only be arranged to work after passing the training and examination. The unqualified personnel shall be eliminated at one time and dismissed.

2. Part time training for on-the-job employees

The company encourages and supports employees to take part in learning and training in their spare time, but the principle is not to affect the employees.

3. Unified training

The training arranged uniformly by the superior department shall be reported to the administration and personnel department for filing, and the time and cost shall be arranged and borne by the company.

4. External training

The personnel sent to relevant units and schools outside the province and abroad for training must be the business backbone or middle and senior management personnel of the company. The personnel sent to foreign countries for investigation and training shall meet the following conditions:

A. the business backbone of the company, or the middle and senior management of the company;

B. work in the company for one year or more, and the year-end evaluation is excellent;

C. college degree or above;

Vi. training approval procedure

When employees really need to participate in some kind of training, they must go through relevant procedures and follow the following procedures:

A. personal written application → Department Manager's approval → administrative and personnel department's review → general manager's approval → application formalities.

B. the application shall specify the training content, training time, training fee, etc., and submit the training brochure, application approval and other materials to the administration and human resources department for filing.

VII. Assessment and feedback of training results

1. As a strategic and long-term investment of the company, the relationship between training cost and benefit must be considered. Therefore, employees must be assessed or submitted a learning summary after training.

2. At the end of each training course, there shall be assessment results or written materials to report to the administration and personnel department.

3. The post setting after the training shall be determined by the administration and human resources department and the business department and reported to the general manager for approval.

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